Declaration of Faith

  1. The Bible is the inspired word of God and is the only rule of faith and conduct. 2 Timothy 3 vv 16-17
  2. That God is Spirit and subsists in three Persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. John 4 v 24, 15 v 26.
  3. Salvation is by grace through faith in the blood of the everlasting Covenant offered by Christ Jesus, who was delivered for our offenses and raised again for our justification. John 1 vv 11-13, 4 v 24. Romans 4 vv 23-25. Eph. 2 v 8. Hebrews 9 v 14.
  4. In the Second Coming of Christ. John 14 vv 1-3 Acts 1 v 11. 1 Thess 4 vv 13-18.
  5. Condition of membership – I believe in salvation with a testimony to being born again. 1 Peter 1 v 23.
  6. Ordinances. Baptism of believers according to the scriptures and the breaking of the bread. Matthew 28 vv 19-20. Acts 2 vv 46-47.


  1. Constitution. The Officers and Members of the Church are responsible to Christ as their Divine Head for the government of the Church.
  2. Membership. Is for all who comply with article 5 of the Declaration of Faith.
  3. Officers. The Officers of the Church consist of the Elders ,a Pastor if appointed,  Deacons, Secretary and Treasurer.
  4. Discipline. Is to be exercised by the Officers with the confirmation of the Church.
  5. Finance. The Church is to supported by freewill offerings, and a Financial Statement to be given once a year after being audited.
  6. Church Meetings. An Annual Meeting to be held as early as possible in the year, and other Church meetings when necessary at the discretion of the officers.